Return of outside training

Return of outside training

Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel I’m sure you will agree, ‘the road to freedom’ is finally starting to become a reality, and this is very welcome news.
Whilst we all hope the dates which Boris gave us to look forward to, 29th March outside group training (max 30),12th April gyms/leisure facilities open for indoor individual training or household training, and finally 17th May inside adult group training, all obviously with Covid-19 guidelines in place. The reality of these dates comes down to data received so lets not get carried away and take each day/week as it comes.

So lets focus on 29th March or in our case Tuesday 30th March I would like to start with:-

9.30am Dumbbells
10am Core
6.25pm Circuits/Core combined (until weather improves)

7pm Fight Fitness

9.30am Bodyconditioning
6.30pm Bodyconditioning

7.45am Fight Fitness
9.00am Core
9.30am Dumbbells
10am Stretch (dependant on weather)

These are the classes which I would like to re-start, they also will depend on how many of you wish to take part.

The Pilates and Yoga classes will remain via Zoom.

Christmas Closure & Classes

Hi all,
I cannot believe Christmas is only next week! 
All classes will continue right up until Wednesday 23rd December, when I will be running Body-conditioning classes at 9.30am and again at 6pm, these will be dependent on the number of students attending and weather permitting, as are outside if not then we can Zoom.  

During the Xmas week the only classes I will run are on Tuesday 29th so:-
9.30am Dumbbells
10am Core
6.25pm HIIT/Core
Again these depend on the number of students wishing to take part, and outside training.

The rest of the Christmas week we will be closed and we re-open on Saturday 2nd January 2021.

The last Yoga class will be on Sunday 20th with Becs via Zoom and she will be starting back up on Sunday 3rd January 2021, we will be staying with Yoga and Pilates Zoom classes for now.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe and healthy New Year,  looking forward to seeing you at the studio.

December Classes

Outside only training shall commence from Thursday 3rd December with 9.30am Bodyconditioning. Home Zoom classes shall continue for Pilates and Yoga.

I have been waiting for clarification from my insurers REPS and also EMD and CIMPSA on what we can and cannot do in Tier 2, and they confirm that we can continue as we did before this recent lockdown, so outside classes up to max 30 people inside the studio up to max 6 people.  All of course with Covid compliance i.e. social distancing, no gathering before or after classes, no sharing equipment etc.

This being said I have decided that even though we have the permission to go inside the studio to train, we should stay on the side of caution and keep the Zoom classes going for Yoga and Pilates up until Xmas.
The restrictions may change yet again after the holidays and family gatherings!

I hope you all understand my decision, I know that a few of you have already decided to wait until the new year before you return and I completely understand that.  There are also others who are desperate to get back to the studio and I do commiserate with you.

Thank you

Temporary Studio Closure

In light of the Government announcement, we will have to temporarily close our studio this coming Thursday 5th November.

Up until then all classes will run as normal at the studio, and from Thursday we will commence the Zoom classes for our students as in the previous lock down.

Classes running are as follows:-
Monday Pilates time to be confirmed
Tuesday 9.30am Dumbbells and Core
Thursday 9.30am Body-conditioning
Friday 6.45pm Hatha Yoga
Saturday 9.00am Core, Dumbbells & Stretch
Sunday 9.30am Vinyasa Yoga

Any current students can join any or all of the above classes even if not your specific class.

If you have not already set up a zoom account please do so and let us know so we can send you the links for classes.

Hopefully we will be back at the studio in December fingers and toes crossed!

If you are not able or do not wish to join the zoom classes which are open to all our current attending students and your payment for November has already been sent please feel free to cancel the December instalment instead.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week before lock down.

We will hopefully re-open in December.

Keeping you Fit for Fitness
From Lisa and The Raphael Fitness Team

Class update

Even though Gyms are allowed to re-open on 25th July 2020, the outside training rules remain the same it is still 6 people including the instructor, and at present we do not feel that returning to inside training is necessary especially for our high intensity classes.

attached is the government link for your information:-

Going forward we have considered offering more outside training on Tuesday evenings, in a form of Circuit training with two separate classes one at 6.25pm and the other at 7.15pm dependant on weather, and allowing time for both classes to arrive and leave separately.

Hopefully by the end of August beginning of September we would like to attempt to re-instate some Pilates and Yoga classes in smaller size groups inside the studio.  Obviously we are restricted on how many students can join these classes due to the size of our studio and social distancing.

We will still keep the Zoom classes going at the moment as so many of you are taking part.  

Students taking part in any classes at the studio please use only the front door to enter the building and the back door to exit.  We have hand sanitisers at the door, which we would ask you to use when entering the studio and there are antibacterial equipment wipes and sprays available.
The studio will also be thoroughly cleaned prior to opening and between classes, as will all equipment used.
Please remain outside or in your vehicle until your class starts to avoid unnecessary group clusters forming inside the building.  The changing room is off limits so please come ready to train and keep your belongings with you.

Bringing your own equipment and mats is encouraged.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.

July Updates Covid-19 Fitness Exercise Training

So Boris delivered his announcement yesterday evening, We were hoping he would announce the re-opening of indoor fitness. In a shock move, we stay closed for now! 
These are the rules as they stand:


If any other instructors are doing otherwise they are not insured. Even if they are following social distancing they should not currently be training groups of more than 5 people. If they are, they are not covered by their insurance and therefore if you get injured and cannot work etc, you won’t be able to claim.

For now, I will be keeping our group fitness sessions outside to 5 students (weather permitting) and via zoom for the safety of everyone. 

As qualified fitness practitioners we believe in promoting wellness and we must endeavour to follow the hippocratic oath, to DO NO HARM. 
We will not be responsible for potentially increasing the spread of the virus and keeping other businesses and services closed for longer. Even if we put the virus aside we wouldn’t be insured to be taking you anyway.

We are desperate to see you all training back at the studio. But we will not compromise your health and safety. 

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully see you all soon. 

New Government Guidelines

Hope you are all safe, and keeping healthy.

I wanted to update you on the new government guidelines with regards to exercise classes from 1st June 2020.

Basically 6 people including the instructor and 5 students can exercise outside with appropriate social distancing measures, any equipment used must be sanitised and all hygiene requirements put in place.

I have attached the link for your information:-

Having considered how we can implement group classes going forward, and having spoken to the other instructors, the issue seems to be for all of us is the weather and how this could hinder classes especially Pilates and Yoga. We have been lucky so far but as we know the weather can be pretty unpredictable in England!

Bearing this in mind I have decided to keep the Live Zoom classes going, as so many of our students are taking part. But also to offer the opportunity to meet up at the studio on the grass area in front of the building for 1 or maybe 2 classes a week depending on the weather.

I will be contacting all our registered students to determine date and times.


Just checking in on everyone and hoping you are all coping with the current situation as best as you can.
Some of you may have already seen some of my workouts on our Facebook page which I hope you are all enjoying, also some of our students have joined me in the live zoom classes, which have been a great success.

The ZOOM app is completely free for you to upload and use, it enables group participation in classes without leaving your homes.  You can decide to have your camera on or off or you can switch to a multi screen and see the rest of the students having fun working out.
This is a great way to keep you safe, fit, healthy and motivated and ready to return to the studio when we are given the all clear.
 At the moment we are offering:-

Tuesday 9.30am Core and Dumbbells
Thursday 9.30am Body-conditioning
Saturday 9.00am Core, Dumbbells and Stretch

If you do not have dumbbells or weights, people have used tin cans, bottles of drink anything they can grab, it does make for an interesting workout!
We are now offering Yoga sessions most Sunday mornings around 9.30am so again let us know if you are interested.
We look forward to seeing you back at the studio when this is all a distant memory, thank you for your continued support, stay safe, stay at home.

Stay at home workouts

Workout from the safety of your home with Zoom and Raphael Fitness

We are offering video workouts on our Facebook page for everyone and also for current students the benefit of LIVE exercise classes with their fellow students from the safety of their home.

No excuses keep fit, keep moving, stay healthy.

Covid-19 Temporary Studio Closure

Its time to close the doors until the all clear
It is with a sad heart but something that must be done due to latest government regulations, regrettably myself and other like businesses have been advised to close the studio from 12pm tonight until further notice.

We will be keeping in touch via the Facebook/Instagram page with videos of our workouts daily giving you all something to do from home.
These will not be edited so if nothing else may give you a laugh which we all need at this scary time!

We can then keep in touch through comments and pictures, yes pictures of you working out at home please post them.

With regards to monthly payments please do not feel obliged to continue paying, but your support would obviously be grateful. Unfortunately it is something that will effect all of us and I know we are all saving our pennies at this time.
I am hoping to ride out the storm and hopefully come through the other side.

I thank you all for your support students and fellow instructors, wishing you all well and hope to see you all very soon.

Keep Fit stay healthy