December Classes

December Classes

Outside only training shall commence from Thursday 3rd December with 9.30am Bodyconditioning. Home Zoom classes shall continue for Pilates and Yoga.

I have been waiting for clarification from my insurers REPS and also EMD and CIMPSA on what we can and cannot do in Tier 2, and they confirm that we can continue as we did before this recent lockdown, so outside classes up to max 30 people inside the studio up to max 6 people.  All of course with Covid compliance i.e. social distancing, no gathering before or after classes, no sharing equipment etc.

This being said I have decided that even though we have the permission to go inside the studio to train, we should stay on the side of caution and keep the Zoom classes going for Yoga and Pilates up until Xmas.
The restrictions may change yet again after the holidays and family gatherings!

I hope you all understand my decision, I know that a few of you have already decided to wait until the new year before you return and I completely understand that.  There are also others who are desperate to get back to the studio and I do commiserate with you.

Thank you

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