Return of outside training

Return of outside training

Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel I’m sure you will agree, ‘the road to freedom’ is finally starting to become a reality, and this is very welcome news.
Whilst we all hope the dates which Boris gave us to look forward to, 29th March outside group training (max 30),12th April gyms/leisure facilities open for indoor individual training or household training, and finally 17th May inside adult group training, all obviously with Covid-19 guidelines in place. The reality of these dates comes down to data received so lets not get carried away and take each day/week as it comes.

So lets focus on 29th March or in our case Tuesday 30th March I would like to start with:-

9.30am Dumbbells
10am Core
6.25pm Circuits/Core combined (until weather improves)

7pm Fight Fitness

9.30am Bodyconditioning
6.30pm Bodyconditioning

7.45am Fight Fitness
9.00am Core
9.30am Dumbbells
10am Stretch (dependant on weather)

These are the classes which I would like to re-start, they also will depend on how many of you wish to take part.

The Pilates and Yoga classes will remain via Zoom.

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