New Government Guidelines

New Government Guidelines

Hope you are all safe, and keeping healthy.

I wanted to update you on the new government guidelines with regards to exercise classes from 1st June 2020.

Basically 6 people including the instructor and 5 students can exercise outside with appropriate social distancing measures, any equipment used must be sanitised and all hygiene requirements put in place.

I have attached the link for your information:-

Having considered how we can implement group classes going forward, and having spoken to the other instructors, the issue seems to be for all of us is the weather and how this could hinder classes especially Pilates and Yoga. We have been lucky so far but as we know the weather can be pretty unpredictable in England!

Bearing this in mind I have decided to keep the Live Zoom classes going, as so many of our students are taking part. But also to offer the opportunity to meet up at the studio on the grass area in front of the building for 1 or maybe 2 classes a week depending on the weather.

I will be contacting all our registered students to determine date and times.

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